July 3 There are two ways to regulate the livestock fan Sidst udgivet den 03-07-2017

Livestock fan with its excellent performance, good ventilation, cooling significantly, such as the use of a wide range, and in the course of the use of often there will be some failure or to carry out some adjustments, this time how to do? Here we introduce the two ways to regulate the use of livestock fans.
1, you can change the moving blade installation angle, the use of this method the highest cost of equipment, maintenance the most complex, but the flow of a wide range of changes, good economy, generally used for large axial fan. You can also change the fan speed, this method is the best economic performance, but more complex. Change the speed to consider the impeller strength and motor load conditions.
2, for the impeller before the installation of diverter can change the direction of airflow. Change the impeller width can change the working conditions, the use of fan efficiency changes little, but more complex. In the intake pipe or exhaust pipe placed throttle or damper control flow, this method is the most simple, but the adjustment effect is poor.

June 2 How to do the livestock fan overheating? Sidst udgivet den 02-06-2017

Livestock fan in the run after a period of time will naturally appear a higher temperature phenomenon, which is quite normal, but if there is overheating, it is not very good, this time we how to do it?
First of all, we should calmly analyze the source of the problem, solve the problem for the problem, the common causes of overheating are the following: filter components gluing, tubing uneven, oil cooler pollution, oil ring bearing operation is not normal, the corresponding we Should replace the components, the oil pipeline in the air out, regular cleaning oil cooler, pay attention to observe the oil ring bearing the operating state.
There is also an important reason, that is, impure impurity, deterioration, which is the most likely cause of livestock fan overheating reasons, before the oil replacement, be sure to carefully check its quality, such as oxidation, viscosity, viscosity Index, dirty index, etc. need to be checked before they can.
Above is that we are in the process of using the livestock fan is likely to cause overheating causes and solutions, in fact, as long as we do a good job every step of the preparatory work and inspection work, these problems will not appear, careful is the key.

May 29 Precautions for use of evaporative cooler mats in poultry houses Sidst udgivet den 29-05-2017

The evaporative cooler pad is mainly used for shed cooling treatment. And to play a good evaporative cooler pad in the role of the house, we need to pay attention to these matters:
1, start using the evaporative cooler pad, should prevent the chickens from stress too much. The inside of the evaporative cooler pad can be made in the form of a temporary bucket. The storage tank is buried underground. Avoid regular sunlight to replace fresh cold water, while replacing fresh cold water, add disinfectant. When the evaporator cooler pad is used for a period of time, the water pipe should be cleaned regularly to prevent the evaporative cooler pad from humidifying unevenly affecting the cooling effect. Each batch of chicken before the application of quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant disinfection evaporative cooler pad, so as to achieve dust, sterilization anti-clogging effect.
2, the lower temperature season to stop evaporative cooler pad, the evaporative cooler pad can be closed with plastic cloth inside and outside.
3, high temperature and humidity weather evaporative cooler pad cooling effect affected, will be mainly through the fan cooling. When the humidity reaches 100%, it is not advisable to use the curtain, which will cool down mainly by reducing the cross-sectional area of ??the shed to increase the wind speed (making the wind curtain).
4, through the fan can solve the case of shed cooling as far as possible without the use of evaporative cooler pad or evaporative cooler pad for too long to prevent the indoor humidity caused by excessive flushing, at night to stop the evaporative cooler pad, to prevent High temperature hypoxia.
5, such as water curtain pump failure, can be sprinkled by artificial evenly.